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MultiEnergy-Solutions introduces the ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER.

A new product based on their experience in Africa and one emergency locations around the world. The ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER produces sustainable energy, ENERY and WATER in remote and off-grid areas.

The ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER is a modular containerized 'power box' for production of different types of energy.

The ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER is built in a standard 20feet container frame and therefore can be transported on a standard truck to any harbour and every location around the globe. It can be up and running within 12 hours.

ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER Numerous possibilities. When running on full capacity, we have a energy from the solar panels with wind turbines from 20 KW.

But there are more possibilities. The ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER produces clean water, wind energy, solar energy, and because of the supplied battery pack electricity is available 24 hours per day. There is available a solar water pump and a water purification system. The local situation determines what options are included.

The ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER is especially developed for remote areas. In large parts of Africa or South America and Asia available for all the emergency locations or calamities into the world for example, One the moment there they have only 5 to 20% of the population has direct access to electricity.

In many situations access to energy would enable development, higher productivity, better education and the possibility to tap in on the locally available resources.
The ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINER makes this possible every Energy container is CUSTOM BUILD.

There sense several type ENERGY/ WATER/ POWER CONTAINERS possibly of simply to very fast. For more information about this product, please click here to contact us direct Email :

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Our products are among other things solar panels, wind turbines, solar pumps, water treatment, tents, biogas/mass installations, fishery developed to cargo liners for Third World lands, all equipage for field hospital.